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Stylish DIY Hairstyle For Short Hairs

Stylish DIY Hairstyle For Short HairImage Source: http://thebeautydepartment.com/2013/05/all-hair-all-week-4/

If you are an expert in braiding your hair, then this DIY French braid should be an easy task.

You will need some bobby pins, and some hairspray in order to achieve this lovely hairstyle. Some texturizing spray is also required, to give your braid some volume.

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Your hair needs to be dry and clean, for this braid to work. This braid is perfect for girls who have wavy or straight hair, and want to try something different aside from a simple braid, or ponytails. You can use bobby pins and hairspray to secure the braid into place. Click on the link below so you can get started:

Stylish DIY Hairstyle For Short Hair

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