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DIY Tokyo-Style City Gardening: Laundry Pole Hanging Garden

DIY Tokyo-Style City GardeningImage Source: http://tokyo-diy-gardening.org/laundry-pole-hanging-garden/

Living in the city usually means living in limited or cramped spaces. City life is generally hectic and fast-paced which often leads to increasing levels of stress in people.

For some people, the colors of nature and some “greeneries” is a welcome sight and a good alternative to the dark and dirty “shades and hues” of the city.

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If you live in the city, you can still experience the joys of having a beautiful garden with a burst of different flower colors. To get an idea on how you would do it, perhaps it is nice to check the link below. You might get some ideas also on how to make other kinds and styles of gardening. Here’s the link:

DIY Tokyo-Style City Gardening

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