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DIY Repurposed Table Made From A Door

DIY Repurposed Table Made From A DoorImage Source: http://morenascorner.com/dont-trash-it-how-to-repurpose-a-door-into-a-table/

Recycling or repurposing old furniture is an enjoyable activity that can transform what you originally thought was trash into a beautiful equipment or decor for your home and office.

You don’t need complicated tools and extensive knowledge in carpentry to do this. You can even earn money by selling your recycled or repurposed furniture items to your friends or at garage sale outlets.

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In this simple to follow DIY guide, you can quickly and easily repurpose an old door to a lovely table. Prepare an old door and some table legs that you can get at a very cheap price from local garage sale outlets, plus spray paint in the color you want, screws, glass stains, sandpaper and some tape, and you’re all set.

Important Supplies Needed (Available on Amazon):

Visit the link below to follow this simple step by step DIY guide for repurposing an old door to a beautiful table for your home and office:

DIY Repurposed Table Made From A Door

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