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DIY Portable Hot Tubs Buying Guide

A portable hot tub works as a suitable option for those people who love the luxurious feeling of a hot tub without going through the pressure of installing a permanent one. People who move a lot, rental homeowners, and those who are planning to relocate in the near future can use the services provided by a portable hot tub. These types of tubs are gaining popularity, which means you have a broad range of choices to choose from and characteristics to compare with one another. Here is a comprehensive DIY Portable Hot Tubs Buying Guide.

Features Of A Good Portable Hot Tub

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With a variety of options to select from, you should focus on the following features when purchasing a portable hot tub:


You need a tub that will give you value for your money. A tub made of stainless steel, thick wood, or thermal plastic is sturdier as compared to soft-sided vinyl or even inflatable tubs. But, it’s the latter that you are going to choose from, so finding portable tubs with good-quality material is a must.

Adjustable jets

The only way a hot tub can fit your needs is if it has more options for adjusting the water jets direction and strength.

Securely covered

To ensure minimum heat loss, a good hot tub has properly secured hinges, which are further held in place using multiple secure tie downs.

Low heat loss

The best-choice hot tub is the one that has low heat loss both when in use or standby mode.

An energy efficient heater

In addition to little heat loss, the tub’s heater should be capable of transferring heat to the water accordingly.

Easy to maintain

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Purchase a portable tub that has a cartridge filter which assists in reducing the amount of chemicals and time needed to maintain your tub.

Maximum foam insulation

Buying a full-foam insulated tub maximizes heat retention, tub soundproofing, and support.

Guarantee coverage

Make sure that you know where you can get repair materials before purchasing a tub. You should also check the length of the warranty.


Buy a hot tub that matches your bathroom design to make it appealing to the eyes.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Portable Hot Tub

From a long list of portable hot tubs choices, avoid buying one just because you feel it meets all the above features. Other factors determine whether the tub suits your needs. These include:

Your Height

The only way you can be sure that a bathtub fits you and the water jets are in the right positions by testing it personally when the tub is full of water. While most tubs are designed for average-height people, you can use one regardless your size. For the short people, they can use such tubs by sitting on the edge of the seat to ensure their head is above water. Tall people, on the other hand, will require staying slouched to keep their shoulder submerged in water.

Where you will place the tub

Whether you are setting the hot tub indoors or outdoors, you must prepare the place before bringing the tub by measuring the hallways and doors to allow easy passage. If you are buying an outdoor tub, ensure it can withstand the harsh weather and if indoor, the room should be adequately ventilated. Prepare the space that will support the tub and ensure that the outlet voltages are in position.

People who will use the tub

It is important that you consider the number of individuals to who will use the hot tub. That means you will need to consider their height and weight as well when making your choice.

The frequency and the use of the tub

How often the tub will be in use and the application will help you determine the amount of energy it will use. If it stays for days or weeks without use, then you should give more focus on the standby mode features of the tub. For a spa tub, concentrate more on the jets such as whirlpool that help with your particular condition. If you want an exercise tub, consider one that has in-built fitness equipment.

Your safety

Talking to your physician about whether you should use a hot tub before you start using it is an excellent idea. The average temperatures of most bathtubs range from 100-102 degrees Fahrenheit. Expectant mothers and those with heart conditions should seek a doctor’s advice on the right temperature reading for their tub. Other people who need a physician opinion about the right bathtub are those who are purchasing for therapy purposes such muscle, joint, and chronic pains.

Planned budget

When the durability is an important feature when buying a portable hot tub, your budget might limit you to an inflatable hot tub since they are less expensive. A budget slightly over $1,000 will get you an above-ground spa hot tub, which is durable. In-ground hot tubs are the most expensive, but they offer you durability and also add class to your home.

Your desired features

Various hot tubs have different features but in case, you cannot afford one that has all the features, set priorities.

Wise Tips And Strategies During The Buying Process

Once you have made up your choice on which portable hot tub you want, use the following tactics while buying:

Be wise while choosing a dealer

Use the local forums to check out your local dealer to confirm there are no complaints on the company. Also, buy from a Trade Certified dealer as this proves their authenticity and that they have been selling tubs for over two years and with a clean quality customer-service record.

• Check comfort

Hot tub comfort is a personal feeling and the only way to find out if your selected bathtub suits you is by personally testing it. You can test different models and settle for the one that suits you best.


Unless you are buying only, do not shy off from negotiating the price. Some dealers have fixed prices while others give room for bargaining; the only way to find out is by asking.

Get a clearly written contract

Make sure the dealer gives you a detailed contract including warranty, installation dates, constructions details, and payment schedule. The contract should also include your responsibilities to make it easy to claim for warranty in case needed.

These tips and buying guide can also be used in purchasing other things to be used inside our homes, especially if it pertains to enjoying or whiling away your time while taking a bath. For example, if you want to buy a portable swimming pool, a four-seater inflatable pool, a lounge pool, or anything similar to these, this guide can surely help you making the right decision.


While a bathtub adds value to your home, it is important to consult with your real estate agent before making the decision. In case other homes in your neighborhood do not have hot tubs, it might be hard to sell your home when time comes. However, if your realtor confirms it as a viable investment, you might even get funding from your bank.


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