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DIY Homemade Lavender Body Butter Moisturizer

DIY Homemade Lavender Body ButterImage Source: http://www.couponsandfreebiesmom.com/2013/11/homemade-lavender-body-butter.html

Temperatures are going down and this is the season for dry skin again. Possibly the best combination to take away dry skin, itching and irritation is using lavender, coco butter and coconut oil.

These natural ingredients will help preserve the moisture of your skin and prevent dryness especially on the face, elbows, arms, legs and knees.

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This is all about making your own homemade lavender body butter moisturizer which will only take you a few minutes to make. Whip up a batch and use it on your body or place in small jars and give as a gift! Click on the link to find out more about this DIY recipe:

DIY Homemade Lavender Body Butter

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