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DIY $1-A-Gallon Liquid Laundry Soap

DIY $1-A-Gallon Liquid Laundry SoapImage Source: http://www.talesfromacottage.com/2013/07/liquid-laundry-soap.html

Buying tons and tons of cleaning products, especially laundry soap, can cost you a lot of money, since they can get really expensive.

But, this DIY project will let you make your very own liquid laundry soap, up to three gallons at a time.

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This can save you plenty of money, since this project can create buckets of laundry soap. You will need ½ cups of washing soda, 20 mule team borax, and 1/3 of a bar of grated Fels Naptha soap, plus a 5 gallon bucket and a paint stirrer attachment for a cordless drill. Click on the link below to start making your very own laundry soap:

DIY $1-A-Gallon Liquid Laundry Soap

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  1. This soap works, despite of being gooiye. Since I started to make my own, the stores put down the prices. Very good deal

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