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DIY Piggy Bank Coin Boxes

DIY Piggy Bank Coin BoxesImage Source: http://tulleboxdesigns.ca/blog/2013/8/25/diy-piggy-bank-favor-boxes

Designing plain pink favor boxes to look like piggy banks is an exciting activity. These piggy banks can be filled with gold chocolate coins, which can be given away as parting gifts at children’s parties, or any type of party.

These favor boxes are designed with cardstock cutouts and pipe cleaners.

For this DIY project, you will need the following materials: a pink favor box, pink cardstock, a pencil, ruler, a pink pipe cleaner, a craft knife, circle craft punch, a sharpie, scissors, glue stick, 1/8” hole punch, chocolate gold coins, and needle nose pliers. Then click on the link below to find out how you can make your own colorful piggy banks:

DIY Piggy Bank Coin Boxes

DIY Soap Bars Ideas For Kids

DIY Soap Bars Ideas For KidsImage Source: skiptomylou.org/diy-soap-for-kids-by-todays-creative-blog/

Making this DIY soap for your children may look complicated if you’ve never done this before, but it’s actually super easy.

And by following this simple tutorial, your new soap for kids will be ready by the time your kids start bathing.

This soap will really encourage your children to scrub their bodies, making them cleaner and more hygienic. Also, this kids’ soap doesn’t have to be kid-themed – It can be used for adults as well. The things you need for this DIY project are: A soap mold, a brick of glycerin soap, plastic animals or any type of small toy, some food coloring (optional), scented essential oils (optional) and some vegetable oil. Then click on the link below to get started:

DIY Soap Bars Ideas For Kids

30 DIY Creative Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

30 DIY Creative Halloween Costume Ideas For KidsImage Source: http://www.costume-works.com/creative-costume-ideas-for-kids.html

Kids are always looking forward to Halloween – the time that they can wear their favorite costumes.

However, if you’re a parent with a kid who doesn’t have a Halloween party costume yet, fret not because you can get some pretty cool Halloween costume ideas here.

Choose from among the 30 coolest costumes for kids from “Hot Air Balloon” costume, “Dirty Laundry” costume, “Medusa” costume, and “Angry Birds” Halloween party costume, among others. Click the link below for the complete list of these costume ideas for kids:

Creative Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

59 DIY Hand And Foot Print Art Projects For Kids

59 DIY Hand And Foot Print Art Projects For KidsImage Source: http://www.creatingreallyawesomefreethings.com/59-hand-foot-print-art-projects/

Creating fun and adorable handprints and animal prints can be exciting. There are endless types of ideas and methods to turn these prints into a wonderful craft. This activity is very pleasurable to do with children, but can also be enjoyed by adults as well.

It also makes an excellent project for art class, and it doesn’t require a lot of art supplies.

Things needed for this simple project are some paper plates, black paint, light blue card stock or construction paper (you can choose whatever color you like), little scraps of black paper, some glue, cotton balls, googly eyes, and crayons. Then click on the link below to start crafting your own hand prints:

59 DIY Hand And Foot Print Art Projects For Kids

Amazing DIY Tractor Bunk Bed

Amazing DIY Tractor Bunk BedImage Source: http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/easy-diy-projects/build-your-kids-a-tractor-bunk-bed/

Building a tractor-themed bed for your child seems like a very tedious and difficult task. But with the help of your imagination, you can get this DIY project done right away.

This project is also perfect if your child has a countryside or farm-themed bedroom, or wants to have this kind of theme.

For this project, you will need some paint, several planks of plywood, some measuring tape, a hand saw, some nails, and a toolkit. You can also turn this into a bunk bed for two occupants. Next, click on the link below to start building a DIY tractor bunk bed for your children:

Amazing DIY Tractor Bunk Bed

DIY Sock Snowmen

DIY Sock SnowmenImage Source: http://www.thenshemade.com/2011/01/sock-snowmen.html

Thinking of a fun and enjoyable activity with your kids? Creating a snowman can definitely impress your kids, regardless of their age, especially when you spice up your snowman project with a touch of creative inspiration. Yes:

Instead of building a traditional snowman, why not create a sock snowman instead?

You just need these simple to follow DIY instructions to create your sock snowman now. The required materials are simple things that you may already have in your home. You can take a trip to your local crafts store to get some unique embellishments for your sock snowman project. Click the link below to start building your sock snowman now:

DIY Sock Snowmen

DIY Bunny Hooded Towel Tutorial

DIY Bunny Hooded Towel TutorialImage Source: http://crazylittleprojects.com/2013/03/bunny-hooded-towel-tutorial.html

Easter is coming and there is nothing as popular as its icon, the Easter Bunny. Putting up chocolate baskets with bunny chocolates and candies can be a bit common though. So if you want to take a leap over the usual, why not make your own bunny hooded towel instead?

This towel is so easy to make. You just need of course a towel, fabrics to get the facial features of the bunny done and some matching threads.

You can use it on Easter or you can give it out as Easter gifts instead of the usual basket of treats. Here is a link that you can click on to get you to the basic steps on how to come up with this interesting project:

DIY Bunny Hooded Towel Tutorial