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DIY Braiding Short Hair Tutorial

diy braidingImage Source: http://thebeautydepartment.com/2012/10/braiding-short-hair/

Everyone knows that braids are usually suitable for people with long hair, but what about for ladies with short hair?

This DIY braided hairstyle can also be applied to those who have short hair, and want to try something new with their tresses.

The materials you will need for this DIY hairstyle are some hair clips, a comb or a brush, some bobby pins, a hairspray, and a hairdryer. This hairstyle will make you look elegant, and is perfect if you’re planning to attend a spring garden party. To learn how to do this hairstyle, just check out the following link below:

DIY Braiding Short Hair Tutorial

DIY Faux Bob Tutorial

faux bobImage Source: http://www.hairromance.com/2012/03/hair-tutorial-how-to-create-a-faux-bob.html

This DIY project focuses on hair, and is provided by Hair Romance – A hair care website that shares some tips, tricks, tutorials, and gives you advice on how to take care of your crowning glory.

The website also posts news everyday to give you some inspiration to style your hair, and how to have fun with it.

Hair Romance also shares some advice regarding hair styling products. They discuss the latest hair trends that appear in fashion shows from London, New York, Paris, and Milan. One of Hair Romance’s tutorials on how to create a faux bob needs a hair elastic, a comb or brush, some bobby pins, and a hairspray. To learn how to style your hair into a faux bob, just click on the link below:

DIY Faux Bob Tutorial

Stylish DIY Hairstyle For Short Hairs

Stylish DIY Hairstyle For Short HairImage Source: http://thebeautydepartment.com/2013/05/all-hair-all-week-4/

If you are an expert in braiding your hair, then this DIY French braid should be an easy task.

You will need some bobby pins, and some hairspray in order to achieve this lovely hairstyle. Some texturizing spray is also required, to give your braid some volume.

Your hair needs to be dry and clean, for this braid to work. This braid is perfect for girls who have wavy or straight hair, and want to try something different aside from a simple braid, or ponytails. You can use bobby pins and hairspray to secure the braid into place. Click on the link below so you can get started:

Stylish DIY Hairstyle For Short Hair

Effective DIY Hair Care Tips

Effective DIY Hair Care TipsImage Source: http://parentpretty.com/diy-hair-care-tips/

Achieving thick, shiny hair by following some easy and clever DIY hair care tips will save you lots of money.

They also make an excellent addition to your daily beauty routine, since these DIY hair care tips can be applied to any type of hair.

Some of these DIY tips include learning how to preserve your hair’s natural moisture, how to make your own dry shampoo, making a mask out of olive oil and egg yolks, and even learning how to rinse your hair with beer. These tips also teach you how to protect your hair against chlorine, and how to fight hair frizziness. For more DIY tips on hair care, click on the link below:

Effective DIY Hair Care Tips

DIY Orange Creamsicle Sugar Scrub

DIY Orange Creamsicle Sugar ScrubImage Source: http://www.thegunnysack.com/2013/05/gift-in-a-jar-orange-creamsicle-sugar-scrub.html

This lovely orange creamsicle sugar scrub makes an excellent gift for your friends. This is a nice body scrub that will remind you of the warm summer season. It’s very easy to make, and it smells good enough to eat. This scrub will also keep your skin smooth and soft.

You can place this sugar scrub inside small mason jars and send it to your dearest friends and colleagues.

To make this orange creamsicle sugar scrub, you will need some coconut oil, and a little bit of vanilla extract to give it a nice, creamsicle smell. Then click on the link below to learn how to make your own orange creamsicle sugar scrub:

DIY Orange Creamsicle Sugar Scrub

Simple DIY Lip Gloss

Simple DIY Lip GlossImage Source: http://www.yourhomebasedmom.com/diy-lip-gloss-lesson-gossipactivity-day-idea/

Making your very own custom lip gloss is a fun and enjoyable activity. This will provide you with an all-natural supplement for your lips, in your favorite flavor too. Plus, knowing how to make your own lip gloss containers for your recipes will let you incorporate nice, fashionable designs into these containers.

These make the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

The ingredients for this DIY project are some coconut oil, petroleum jelly, a microwavable bowl, some Emergen C drink mixes, and containers from the craft store in the bead section. Click on the link below to start making this fun and easy DIY activity:

Simple DIY Lip Gloss

DIY Weight Loss Detox Drink

DIY Weight Loss Detox DrinkImage Source: http://www.raininghotcoupons.com/weight-loss-detox-drink-recipe/

Drinking this amazing weight-loss detox drink will help you slim down, and make you feel better since it can flush out the unwanted toxins inside your body.

It also has a very nice, refreshing taste. This drink is perfect for the summer time, and you can have a glass of this 2-3 times a day.

This drink contains the following ingredients: 2 quarts of water, 1 lemon, 1 cucumber, 2 tablespoons of fresh ginger, 1 lime, and around 10 to 15 leaves of fresh mint. These ingredients can be found at a grocery store near you. Then click on the link below to start making this healthy and yummy drink:

DIY Weight Loss Detox Drink