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25 Fun Backyard Games

25 Fun Backyard GamesImage Source: http://www.remodelaholic.com/25-diy-backyard-games/

It surely is a nice way to relax in your backyard. While relaxing, you can also invite your relatives and friends to join you.

And the best way to enjoy this day with them is by playing fun backyard games. They will surely enjoy these games.

To give you an idea on what games to play with your friends and relatives, here are some suggestions from Remodelaholic. You can instantly set up and start these backyard games with materials and supplies that you can instantly find in your own home. So do these games now and enjoy your day with these fun suggestions:

25 Fun Backyard Games

40+ Breathtaking And Awesome DIY Outdoor Wedding Plans And Ideas

40+ Breathtaking And Awesome DIY Wedding Plans And IdeasImage Source: http://cutediyprojects.com/home-decor/40-breathtaking-diy-vintage-ideas-for-an-outdoor-wedding/

Weddings are very exciting, fun, and very memorable to attend to.

Most weddings are done inside churches. But, there are some other ideas that you can add to a wedding celebration. You can do an outdoor wedding to start with.

These DIY outdoor wedding plans and ideas would surely make your wedding extra special and fun, and would definitely leave visitors breathless and in awe. How would you do this? Cute DIY Projects shows us how to make outdoor weddings something to look forward to. Check the DIY tips and suggestions:

40+ Breathtaking And Awesome DIY Wedding Plans And Ideas

DIY Patio Table With Built-In Beer Or Wine Coolers

DIY Patio Table With Built-In Beer Or Wine CoolersImage Source: http://ana-white.com/2012/09/plans/patio-table-built-beerwine-coolers

Some patio tables are just ordinary. However, they are quite useful.

Here is a smart DIY tutorial which incorporates a built-in beer or wine cooler to the table itself.

This patio table would be great to use when you are having a drink with some friends and need to make your beer always cold and always in reach. All you have to do is put the ice and beer into the built-in container and there you go – you can already enjoy drinking and chatting with friends.

Material/Supplies Needed (Available on Amazon):

Tools Needed (Available on Amazon):

Here are the instructions:

DIY Patio Table With Built-In Beer Or Wine Coolers

DIY Backyard Movie Theater

DIY Backyard Movie TheaterImage Source: http://www.thegardenglove.com/build-a-backyard-movie-theater/

Watching movies with family and friends is always a good idea.

It promotes good camaraderie with friends and strong family relationships. As always, watching movies is a nice bonding experience.

Of course, we watch movies in theaters. But, do you know that you can create your own movie theater in your own backyard? Yes, you can. You’ll find it a new kind of pastime to experience. Making this backyard theater is very easy; in fact, you can make this in less than an hour. To get an idea on how to begin making one, head over to this blog amazing blog post:

DIY Backyard Movie Theater



Beautiful DIY Backyard Lighting Ideas

Beautiful 15 DIY Backyard Lighting IdeasImage Source: http://blessmyweeds.com/15-backyard-lighting-ideas/

Of course, our backyard would be dull to look at if you do not have any decorations on it at all.

So, how would you make your backyard vibrant, cool, and more homey?

These beautiful DIY backyard lighting ideas could do the trick. These tips, as collated by Blesss My Weeds, show some of the most beautiful backyard decorations that you can do yourself. All you need to have are simple materials. The instructions are very simple also. Head over to the site to check these DIY backyard lighting ideas:

Beautiful DIY Backyard Lighting Ideas

How To Make Beautiful DIY Christmas Light Balls

How To Make Beautiful DIY Christmas Light BallsImage Source: http://blog.christmaslightsetc.com/diy/how-to-make-christmas-light-balls/

Christmas light balls look beautiful and amazing, especially if they are placed outdoors.

You can make these easy light balls using simple and easy-to-get materials, and just by following simple instructions.

Aside from being made as decors during Christmas time, you can also see light balls in botanical gardens or in light shows. They are really beautiful. If you see these, you would certainly like to make some in order to decorate in your front yard or lawn. So, how would you get started? Simple. You just have to follow the basic instructions enumerated here:

How To Make Beautiful DIY Christmas Light Balls


How To Make A Tomato Cage Christmas Tree – DIY Tutorial

How To Make A Tomato Cage Christmas Tree - DIY TutorialImage Source: http://www.twotwentyone.net/tomato-cage-christmas-tree/

Christmas time is coming. Of course, you would want to have your own Christmas tree in your house.

There are many alternative things to use for your Christmas lights. For some of us who want to save, we would want a Christmas tree which would not be expensive.

How could we make a Christmas tree which would not be expensive but would still look beautiful inside our home or in our porch? Well, Chelsea of Two Twenty One provided us with instructions on how to make one, and the main material that would be used is a tomato cage. The tomato cage Christmas tree (as she calls this DIY project) uses only the cheapest materials, and making one would only take a little of your time. You ought to make this yourself. Head now to Chelsea’s blog for the instructions: 

How To Make A Tomato Cage Christmas Tree – DIY Tutorial