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Beautiful DIY Paper Lamps

Beautiful DIY Paper LampsImage Source: http://www.hannahnunn.co.uk/

You don’t need to hope for a miracle just to be able to decorate your home or your room with the perfect lamps and give it the best lighting ever.

It only takes a paper, a dose of creativity on your part and a touch of inspiration from Hannah Nunn.

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She features a variety of DIY paper lamps ideas that you can apply to make your home and your room look cozier and more comfortable. Start rewarding yourself with decors your own hands have made. Check out these beautiful paper lamps ideas by clicking on the link below:

Beautiful DIY Paper Lamps

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  1. Khristie Morgan says:

    This is a really cool idea but I don’t see how to do it or what to use. I’d love to do this project but would like to k ow how to. This site doesn’t tell how to. Please give me directions so I can do this. Thank You!

  2. Catherine Fox says:

    Looks like they used card making punches in different designs while on the flat, then drew the flower stems around it, then put it on the wire shade, could be wron, but seeing as no one bothered to answer Khrisie’s question I’m throwing in my view

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